Super Bowl Halftime Prop Bets Get Curvy With J-Lo and Shakira

Written by:
C Costigan
Published on:

On Thursday, the NFL announced that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira would be co-headlining the Super Bowl LIV halftime show.

*$55 minimum bets
*Accessible from most US states (prohibited in NJ)
*50% signup bonus - $5000 referral night
*7% horse rebate
*Reload bonus up to $1000
*Huge payout futures

Despite the big game being five months away, the cyber-gaming site (@SportsBettingAG) is already forecasting what might happen on stage when the two pop superstars team up.
(Let me know if you need any explanation of how the odds work. Fractional odds are listed first and American odds are second in parentheses. These odds are exactly the same, just in different formats. Either format is acceptable to use.)
Who will show cleavage during performance? (Clear and visible separation of breasts)
J-Lo only:  4-5  (+125)
Shakira only:  3-2  (+150)
Neither cleavage:  2-1  (+200)
Both  5-1  (+500)

Will J-Lo show butt cleavage?
Yes:  1-3  (-300)
No:  2-1  (+200)

Will there be a wardrobe malfunction? (Nipple must be seen)
Yes:  2-1  (+200)
No:  1-3  (-300)

Will J.Lo do the Shakira hip shake?
Yes:  2-3  (-150)
No:  11-10  (+110)

Will Shakira and J-Lo kiss?
Yes: 7-1 (+700)
No: 1-15 (-1500)

Will Shakira and J-Lo both sing in Spanish?
Yes:  1-5  (-500)
No:  3-1  (+300)

Will Enrique Iglesias make an appearance on stage?
Yes:  2-1  (+200)
No:  1-3  (-300)

Will "Miami" by Will Smith be performed as a cover?
Yes:  3-2  (+150)
No:  1-2  (-200)

Will Jay-Z be shown during broadcast?
Yes:  3-2  (+150)
No:  1-2  (-200)

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