2019 Stanley Cup Matchup Betting Odds & How Sportsbooks Profit

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With football winding down, sports like professional hockey should take center stage. One possible popular wager is Stanley Cup matchup betting.

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2019 Stanley Cup Matchup Betting Odds

NHL bettors like to wager on matchup bets due to the odds. Check out the top seven matchup wagers along with how per head agents can use pay per head software to profit.

Lightning vs Predators                     +1620

Maple Leafs vs Predators                 +1840

Lightning vs Sharks                         +2800

Lightning vs Jets                              +2725

Lightning vs Wild                             +2825

Maple Leafs vs Sharks                     +2925

Bruins vs Predators                          +3000


Odds makers feel that the Tampa Bay Lightning and to a lesser extent the Nashville Predators will win the Eastern Conference and Western Conference respectively.

Not only do the Lightning show up versus the Predators in the lowest-odds combination, +1620, they also show up versus the Sharks, Jets, and Wild.

Nashville pops up in the top two choices:  against the Lightning and versus the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Based on the top 7 betting options, one of the following teams:  Tampa Bay, Nashville, or Toronto, is destined to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Even the seventh choice has one of those favorites, the Nashville Predators, a part of the Stanley Cup Matchup wager.

How Can Bookies Profit?

Pay per head agents might wonder how they can profit off what appears to be an incredibly difficult prop to hit on what’s traditionally one of the less popular sports in the United States.

The key for bookies is to promote the prop bet.

Although NHL isn’t the most popular of a sport for bettors, there are some advantages for this particular prop wager that should help drive action.

Agents should concentrate promotions on odds because the odds are ridiculously overlaid.

The top betting option offers +1620. A $100 wager pays back a profit of $1620. The seventh option listed above offers +3000 odds.

Every $100 pays back a profit of $3,000. The largest Stanley Cup Matchup betting option has the Toronto Maple Leafs battling the Colorado Avalanche. The odds are a crazy +7250.

This means for every $100 wagered, the payback in profit is $7,250. Just the odds alone should entice some players to make wagers.

One thing note is that pay per head agents could take a massive beating if they don’t set max betting limits. Because of the odds. some bookies might want to set a max betting limit below $100.

Some bookies should even consider not offering this prop at all depending on their sportsbook’s size.

Again, NHL may not be the most popular sport for your bettors, but with the right promotions, at the right time, you can get bettors exciting and putting down the cash you want to collect.

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