2019 Sportsbook Trends: 3 Trends Online Bookies Should Know

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The New Year brings with it plenty of interesting developments in the sportsbook industry. Per head agents must be aware of the top sportsbook trends that could affect their businesses.

2019 Per Head Industry Trends

Check out what 3 of the top trends project to be this year in not only the sportsbook industry but the pay per head sportsbook industry.

1. Further Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

The shine’s worn off Bitcoin. At one time in 2017, the price of a single Bitcoin had risen to around $18,000. 2018 saw the granddaddy of cryptocurrencies fall to $3,843.83.

That doesn’t mean Bitcoins aren’t as valuable to sportsbook operators and bettors.

It just means that hoarding Bitcoins doesn’t make as much sense as it used to.

Think about it this way: Bitcoin is just one of plenty of cryptocurrencies that players and bookies can use to make transactions. The others are Ethereum, Ripple, and LiteCoin.

All cryptocurrencies are good to replace fiat currencies for transactions because they’re difficult to hack and are peer-to-peer.

That means even if Bitcoin’s value compared to the U.S. dollar continues to drop, it won’t matter because players and sportsbook operators will continue to utilize cryptocurrencies.

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2. Wagering Through Individual Per Head Agents

The U.S. Supreme Court shot down the law that made it illegal for states to allow sports betting.

Although at first major Vegas companies got excited about the possibilities of opening online and brick and mortar betting shops, those companies have quickly come to realize the dangers of doing so.

Vegas sportsbooks make their money off rooms, entertainment, restaurants, and everything not associated with sports betting.

Not only that, but most sports bettors prefer to wager through individuals, which means more bookies will become pay per head agents than less.

Those bookies will also make more money than they did before.

The U.S. Supreme Court decision is a huge win for individual online bookies.

3. More International Betting Action

The world continues to shrink. Knowing this, major U.S. broadcasters are looking outside of American sports. Tennis tournaments outside the U.S., like the Australian and French Open, are becoming more popular.

Rugby and international soccer are also becoming more and more popular.

Vegas isn’t the only city that showcases boxing matches. Two of the top three heavyweight fighters in the world, Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, are English. International betting should only rise in popularity in 2019.

Online bookies must utilize their pay per head software tools to manage international betting.  

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