2019 NBA Playoff Report - Who’s Out-Who’s Still In-Who’s Moving On

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The 2019 Version of the NBA playoffs have been somewhat predictable, with a couple of surprises thrown in for good measure. The beauty of betting on the NBA playoffs is the predictability factor.


The NBA never fails to excite, but at the same time, never fails to show up and do the same thing all over again, year in and year out. What’s great about this; betting. The NBA playoffs present the best-case scenario for the better. With an 82-game regular-season schedule, the NBA is very unpredictable. The players are about half-serious, half of the time. It’s truly an amazing phenomenon how teams simply flip a switch come playoff time. Some flip the switch for the good, some flip it for the bad. The great thing—bettors are left with a plethora of betting options.

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Tonight’s Game 6 Spurs Vs. Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets lead the San Antonio Spurs 3-2 and face off in game six tonight at 8:00 PM ET from San Antonio. This is a winnable game for the Spurs, look for them to take game 6 at home and go back to Denver for game 7 on Saturday. The Spurs can win this series, they won the first one in Denver 101-96, they can win game 7. No matter who pulls it out, it will be close and a battle, this is set to be a good one, the Spurs must win tonight; they most likely do.

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Round 1 East

The Milwaukee Bucks have soundly defeated the Detroit Pistons in what was easily the most lopsided affair in the first round. This series was never any kind of question for the Bucks, and Detroit looked like they had absolutely no business being in this year’s playoffs whatsoever, they were dead awful. The Bucks have a superstar in Giannis (most likely MVP) and they will be hard to beat in the East. This team, along with the Boston Celtics… they both look fantastic.

The Boston Celtics also swept their first-round series over the Indiana Pacers and they looked very good doing it. Game one was a 10-point win, game two 8-points, game three 8 points, and game four was a bit closer but it mattered not as Boston got the sweep in Indianapolis. This teams is definitely one of the best at flipping the switch. They, as will the Bucks, be hard to beat in the East.

The 76ers are moving on up and had very little trouble with the pesky Nets. It took them five games, as they lost the first one at home, but then it was off to the races with a backdoor sweep. Game four was a 4-point win, so close, but the better team came away with the victory.

The Toronto Raptors could be a mirror image of the 76ers with a first game loss at home, then the backdoor sweep. This year’s playoffs are predictable, just as with any other year. The Magic kept game three close but not another. This team heads into the 2nd round with a lot of confidence.

Round 2 West

The Golden State Warriors have given everyone room for pause, for a couple of games, they currently hold a 3-2 lead in the series and now the tide shifts as game 6 heads back to LA. The Clippers did their job on the road in game five. They went to GS and nailed it in the champs house. Now they hold the cards and they must get the win at home. This game is winnable for the Clippers and don’t be surprised to see a game 7 back in Oakland. Game 7 will be interesting although it’s hard to imagine the Warriors losing a decider, at home.

The Portland Trail Blazers slammed the door on the Oklahoma City Thunder and from game one, this had a Portland feel with a 104-99 win. The Blazers look good and they will contend in the west. Do not count this team out. Do your homework, handicap the games, Portland will prove to be a formidable foe.

The Houston Rockets lead the Utah Jazz 3-1 and they have not looked this good in the first round of the playoffs in a very long time. The two kick off game five on Wednesday night in Houston. Houston wins this game and moves on. Utah is talented, and young but they simply do not have enough to stave off elimination on Wednesday.

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The First round has been really good, but also very predictable. It has pretty much gone as expected. Nobody expected Detroit to get even one win. Many expected the Pacers to put up a fight and win at least one against Boston, but no, it wasn’t meant to be. The Celtics, Rockets, Bucks, Warriors, and Blazers, they all look extremely focused. Round two will be interesting indeed. Be sure and stay tuned for the finish of round one and call the online bookie, find the top nba basketball betting options and get the deposit in. The playoffs are going to get better and better.

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