The Kentucky Derby 2019 Contender Odds & Bookie Strategies

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Kentucky Derby takes place on May 4. It sounds like a long time from now, but because all of the Derby preps are over, horseplayers are already thinking of their Kentucky Derby horse.

Odds are out for the 20 Kentucky Derby contenders. Unless online bookies change the odds themselves, or a horse scratches, the following 20 horses are the ones that will run in the May 4, Kentucky Derby.

Bookies have a huge chance to use the 2019 Derby to create a long-lasting, almost daily profitable revenue stream. The Derby is such a massive force in sports that it can lead to bookie profit throughout an entire year.

Check out a few things any agent can do to ensure online racebook profits no matter the sports season. 

2019 Kentucky Derby Contender Odds

      Omaha Beach                          +400

      Roadster                                  +400

      Game Winner                          +500

      Improbable                              +500

      Haikal                                      +700

      Instagrand                               +700

      Maximum Security                 +800

      Tacitus                                                +1000

      Long Range Toddy                 +1200

      Vekoma                                   +1200

      Code of Honor                                    +1600

      War of Will                             +2000

      By My Standards                   +3000

      Cutting Humor                        +3000

      Plus Que Parfait                      +3000

      Spinoff                                                +3000

      Anothertwistafate                   +3500

      Owendale                                +3500

      Win Win Win                          +3500

      Country House                       +4000

      Tax                                          +4000

      Bourbon War                          +6000

      Signalman                                +6000

      Sueno                                      +6000


Set max betting limits on all players on all Kentucky Derby future options

The co-favorites, Omaha Beach and Roadster, are at +400. That means for every $100 wagered on Omaha Beach or Roadster the pay out is $500 with $100 in profit. Think about the amount of money we’re talking here.

What if a player put $1,000 on Roadster and the Bob Baffert trainee won? That’s a $5,000 payout with $4,000 in profit.

2, maybe 3, players pick the winning Derby horse and the per head agent that took the wager might have to close up shop.

That’s the type of money available to players in horse racing. however, here’s the catch, the odds listed above are for future book betting.

The odds listed next to each Kentucky Derby contender is only for future betting purposes. The actual race odds are determined by the pool.

For example, if 25% of $100,000 is wagered on Omaha Beach to win the Kentucky Derby and he does win the Derby, every person who wagered on Omaha Beach gets their cut. The racetrack, FYI, takes 20% of every dollar wagered to win off the top.

That’s how they make their money.

Per head agents don’t take part in racetrack pools. You don’t get a cut for the $2 wager someone’s grandma put on Roadster because she owned an actual roadster back in the day.

That means if you really want to make profit on Kentucky Derby futures, you must set max betting limits. That max betting limit should be no higher than $50 for each one of your players.

When it comes to actual races you offer in your race book, you should consider a max win limit. Set the max win limit at, maybe, $1000 on every race. A player can only win up to $1,000 on every race no matter the wagers they make.

You must also have max win wager limits. The max on all win wagers should be $100. If a player puts $100 on a 20/1 shot, the payout is only $1000, not $2,000.

Most definitely explain this to your players.

Promote the Derby-Especially promote other races surrounding the Kentucky Derby

Only professional horseplayers, who won’t likely wager through a pay per head agent, makes massive horse racing bets. More than likely, you’ll only have to honor win, place, show, and maybe some exacta and trifecta wagers.

That’s not a bad thing because the way to get players interested in horse racing isn’t to just talk about the Kentucky Derby and other Triple Crown races.

The real way to get players is to talk about all the other races offered at all the tracks in North America on Kentucky Derby Day.

Players like betting options. Horse racing offers more betting options than any other sport in the world. It’s also a close to 24/7 sport because bookies can offer wagers on races in the UK, Australia, Dubai, and even Hong Kong.

The goal for all online bookies should be to turn sports bettors into sports bettors/horseplayers. Again, professional horseplayers won’t play with you if you institute the max betting rules listed above.

That’s good for you because just like the online casino, all those $10 win wagers from casual players adds up to massive profit.

The May 4 Kentucky Derby gives pay per head agents a huge chance to build a long-lasting, yearly revenue stream. It doesn’t matter if it’s football, basketball, or baseball season, somewhere, a horse race is likely to have just gone off.

As long as bookies set the max betting rules in placed discussed in this article, they’ll profit from their online racebooks.

If they’ve got any questions, they can call a PayPerHead rep at 800-605-4767. Learn more about PayPerHead.com and get started with an online racebook

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