What Bookies Can Take Away From The 2018 College Football Season

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The 2018 College Football Regular Season is in the books. While we’re in the midst of Bowl Season, it’s a good time to look back on the regular season and think about the top takeaways.

Bookmakers can learn something from every college gridiron regular season. This season’s no different.

2018 College Football Season:  Top 4 Takeaways

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1. Alabama and Clemson are the top two college football programs in the nation and it’s not even close

A College Football Playoff has yet to be played without the Alabama Crimson Tide. This year’s College Football Playoff won’t be played either without the Tide. Clemson’s another team that’s become a College Football Playoff regular.

What it means is that online bookies must set max betting limits on both Clemson and Bama to win the College Football National Championship every season.

Bama’s the perfect example. Before the season started, the Crimson Tide was a-110 favorite. As they head into the CFP later this month, they’re a -240 or so favorite. The Clemson Tigers started the season as a +500 second or third choice.

If bookies didn’t have max betting limits on the Tigers to win at +500, they could be on the hook if Clemson takes the National Championship this season.

2. The Big Ten is a Bad Football Conference

 Michigan failed against Ohio State, but Ohio State failed against Purdue. Not only that but the team that every bettor thought might go undefeated, the Wisconsin Badgers, bombed this season. Northwestern won the Big Ten West.

Since no team in the Big Ten flourished, online bookies made out on any National Championship wagers on any Big Ten teams. Not only that but during the season the Big Ten squads that were supposed to cover almost never did.

It means there were plenty of opportunities for agents to make big money by not using their layoff accounts.

3. Pac 12 Undervalued

The Pac 12 might not be as good of a conference as the Big Ten. Although that’s up for debate, what isn’t up for debate is how the Washington State Cougars covered like mad men this season.

The problem with allowing wagers on the Pac 12 is that most football analysts exist on the east coast.

By the time the Cougars only beat Cal 19-13 as a -7.5 favorite, they had racked up an 8-0 ATS record.

Online bookies must pay attention to every team that gets hot ATS in the first couple of weeks. It takes oddsmakers at least a month to adjust betting lines.

With the Cougars, it took oddsmakers two months.

4. Use layoff account until Week 9

Bouncing off #3, college football doesn’t get the same press that the NFL gets. Too many teams in too many conferences with too many broadcast stations showing the games. Because of that, odds makers don’t catch up, they don’t set correct betting lines, until at least Week 9.

That gives the advantage to players. Use your pay per head sportsbook software layoff tool to manage wagering up until Week 9.

You can experiment after that, but before that don’t take risks.

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