No More Waiting: Yggdrasil and ReelPlay Release Hyper Respins Slot With Cluster Pays

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Eliska Boryskova
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Yggdrasil and ReelPlay have joined forces to release a brand-new slot online called Hyper Respins. The game uses a Cluster Pays gaming mechanism, based on landing clusters of symbols rather than traditional paylines. This unique feature combined with Hyper Respins provides an exciting and engaging gameplay experience for players.

Many iGaming insiders, including Eliska Boryskova, an online gaming expert and author at, believe cluster pays are the next big thing in the world of casino gambling.

“With cluster pays, players get more winning possibilities on every spin. Traditional 10-line slots, and even 20-line slots, will have to make room for slot machines that don’t rely on the alignment of symbols but the mere quantity thereof. In this case, players must score between 5 and 15 symbols to be paid, thus granting a wide range of prizes”, says Boryskova.

The Appeal of Hyper Respins Slot

Hyper Respins casino game is more than just Cluster Pays. The game is set in a magical world full of colourful space gemstones. The vibrant and vivid casino galaxy is created thanks to graphics and animations of the highest quality, with great attention to detail.

Hyper Respins Game Details

The symbols on the reels include various gemstones symbolizing luxury, and there are also wild and scatter symbols that can trigger special features. Players can stake between $0.15 and $20, and expect payouts up to 13,552x. The most valuable symbol on the Hyper Respins board is the orange game, bringing players up to x50 the bet. However, to land this one, gamers must land a cluster of 15 or more orange gem symbols!

According to the expert, visuals are an integral part of any casino game, but especially slot machines. She also mentions that casino crowds are getting evermore demanding, and never settle for less: “Casino players of the 21st century don’t wish, they demand crisp and vibrant visuals, eye-catching designs, and spectacular creative concepts. The time of traditional fruit machines is over. The time of complex and lavish games has come!”

Still, what makes Hyper Respins stand out in the crowd, is the titular Hyper Spins bonus mode. Whenever you get 5 or more scatter symbols in view, the game will activate Bonus Respins feature. The bonus game turns the triggering symbols sticky and enables you to reset the initial 3 respins with every additional scatter you land. Scatter prizes pay between 1x to 100x the stake. Wowza!

Positioning Cluster Pays Hyper Respins

Eliska Boryskova predicts the Cluster Pays Hyper Respins will gain momentum faster than we think. She believes the game can thank it to the new take, on the classical space theme, with gem elements, which is universally appealing and always attractive.

“Old is not necessarily bad, but it has to be improved to fit modern standards. Hyper Respins does exactly that, and then some more, with the addition of the most modern and forward-thinking features” she explains, “Yggdrasil and ReelPlay have done an excellent job in creating a game that is both fun and rewarding for players, and it is definitely worth checking out for anyone looking for a new online slot game to play.”

Yggdrasil and ReelPlay are both well-respected names in the online gaming industry, and the release of Cluster Pays Hyper Respins showcases their commitment to providing innovative and entertaining games for their players. With its unique features, stunning graphics, and engaging gameplay, Cluster Pay Hyper Respins is sure to be a hit among players.

- Eliska Boryskova,

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