More Women Verbally Attacked on the Poker Floor, Pavillion Staff Do Nothing

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Women players being verbally attacked on the poker floor continues to be a huge issue with little sign of letting up.  On Sunday night, female poker pro Kathy Liebert tweeted out yet another incident.

Kathy Liebert‏ @pokerkat 2

I’m really surprised by the woman on floor in Pavillion today @WSOP she heard guy verbally attacking stood by the table and didn’t say anything to hm. Let him continue with no warnings

She had sent out a few tweets an hour prior to this one.

Haters are just jealous and sad.  Too bad because many play for fun.  If you feel the need to insult get a life.

No reason to insult or berate players at the table.  Telling them you’re better than them is really immature and sad.

Some people have class.  Some don’t.   Players that act like jerks are probably miserable.

Names of the individuals playing were not diclosed by Liebert and it was not immediately known if she knew any of them personally.

Just the other day we reported on how the bullying and attacking of women continued at the World Series of Poker.

Another female poker player, Sasha Liu "PokerSasha", tweeted earlier in the month:

Today I got blatantly berated at the table and the other day I had chips and dirty napkins thrown at my face from someone who got stacked. I don’t want to amplify gender issues but I am willing to bet both players would not have done/said the same thing if I wasn’t a quiet girl.

She followed with this:

Understand it, acknowledge it and be aware of it. There’s understandably lack of empathy in poker, but there can still be humanity.

Please share.

Some might think “it isn’t that bad”. Let me tell you, it IS that bad, and it’s VERY bad, and it happens a lot more often than you think, and you are lucky enough to have never been an easy target.

Another female poker player chimed in:

I’ve been accused of cheating with the house, cheating with players, playing with my dads money, been called a dumb bitch, had my pic taken and posted and berated.. 10 years I’ve been thru it all.

- Nagesh Rath,