WalterPicks More Downloads in Last 30 Days Than FanDuel and DraftKings

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Aaron Goldstein
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The innovations popping up in the world of regulated sports betting and Daily Fantasy Sports in the US continue to amaze.  The latest, WalterPicks.


Acquisition expert James McLoughlin reports WalterPicks has "had more downloads in the last 30 days than FanDuel & DraftKings!"

He writes: "You see how hard the sportsbook leaders advertise. On top of billions of dollars in existing brand awareness.

"And WalterPicks is outpacing them in fantasy football season with an incredible product and perfectly aligned social media marketing.

"If you see the TikTok / YT / Insta content from Sam Factor, you can see the passion & expertise.

"The product uses AI   to help you navigate your fantasy football season.
And if you don't have the insights feeding into your drafts and trades, then your friends do, and they'll be taking home bragging rights!

"It looks like an incredible investment from Grays Peak Capital (Feb 2023)

"I've been watching the app explode over the last 12 months and it's been extraordinary to track."

WalterPicks describes itself as a mobile app that leverages Walter, an AI algorithm, to help you make smarter and faster decisions in fantasy & betting.

The app claims to have 8,500+ Five-Star Reviews.

It allows users to sync their fantasy leagues, compare each player prop to Walter's Projections and find exploitable player prop lines in the WalterPicks app.

Projections are made from 20M data points and tested against ten years of data.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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