Trump Margin of Victory Betting Odds in South Carolina Primary Favored at 35-39 Percent

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All eyes are on the South Carolina Republican Primary this week, not for which candidate will win in Nikki Haley's home state but just how much he/she will win by.


Haley has said she is not dropping out of the presidential race despite the odds being heavily against her this weekend, according to gambling website

Donald Trump Sr. is favored to take the S.C. primary handedly, with a projected margin of victory between 35.00-39.99% being the favorite.

The margins of 25.00-29.99% and 30.00-34.99% have the next-best odds, while landslide victories of 40.00-44.99% and 50% or higher round out the Top 5 odds.

So, what are the odds Trump loses to Haley in South Carolina...a whopping 33/1 (+3300)!

Peeking ahead to a particular Senate Election with primaries slated for March 5, everyone is wondering who will come out on top in California.

Currently, has Adam Schiff as the odds-on favorite, giving him -165 odds, which equates to a 62.3 implied probability that he'll be elected.

Katie Porter is second on the board with +250 (5/2) odds while Barbara Lee (+7600) and former baseball player Steve Garvey (+700) are the only other candidates with better than 40/1 odds.

California Senate Election Victor                      

Adam Schiff                  -165

Katie Porter                  +250

Barbara Lee                  +600

Steve Garvey                +700

Lexi Reese                    +4000

Eric Early                      +5000

James Bradley               +5000

Denice Gary-Pandol      +10000


South Carolina Primary - Donald Trump Margin of Victory                    

35.00-39.99%               +400

25.00-29.99%               +425

30.00-34.99%               +425

40.00-44.99%               +550

50% or Higher               +550

45.00-49.99%               +750

20.00-24.99%               +900

15.00-19.99%               +2200

10.00-14.99%               +3000

Lose                             +3300

5.00-9.99%                   +4000

0-4.99%                        +6000

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