Trump Favorability Collapses, GOP Nomination Sits at -150

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Former US President Donald Trump has seen his favorability numbers drop 4 points since he was indicted and arraigned last week.   His odds climbed slightly over the past two weeks from -120 to -150, where they appear to have peaked.

An ABC News/IPSOS poll just released shows Trump's favorability numbers have dropped from 29 percent to 25 percent.  A recent state poll may suggest this is not an outlier.

Donald Trump’s favorable rating in the red state of Oklahoma has dropped to 49.8% among the state's registered voters,  It is the lowest measured in the Sooner Survey, conducted by Cole, Hargrave, Snodgrass and Associates, of Oklahoma City.


The former president's unfavorable rating has risen to 47%, according to the new survey, compared to 32% in 2020.  Trump received 65.4 percent of the vote in Oklahoma in the 2020 Presidential election.

The core motivation for Oklahoma voters appears to be beating the current US President Joe Biden.

“I think that’s the really interesting thing here: We have a large percentage of Oklahoma Republicans who are inclined to vote for Donald Trump but say beating Biden is the most important factor … You’ve got that conflict voters are very concerned about," said Pat McFerron, the president of CHS, which conducted the state poll. "The other thing happening there is DeSantis appeals to a lot of those Trump folks. He’s a competitor, but he’s not a contrast.”

Biden is still favored to be re-elected, but only slightly at +165 compared to Trump at +250.

Biden confirmed - or maybe let it slip - he plans to run in 2024 but that he is "not prepared to announce it yet".

The comments came during a casual interview with US broadcaster NBC prior to the annual White House Easter children's party.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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