Trade Odds for Cousins, Henry, Davante, Chase, Jeudy

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We're exactly two weeks away from the NFL trade deadline, which eerily takes place on Halloween this year.  And there are some scary-good names being thrown into the rumor mill right now.


Davante Adams, Derrick Henry and former No. 1 pick, Chase Young. has put together "next team" odds for each of those players, as well as Kirk Cousins and Jerry Jeudy.

Along with those lists, below are odds for Bill Belichick’s next NFL coaching job as well as updated first coach fired/first qb benched odds.

CBS Sports says of Adams: "Adams' Hall of Fame trajectory may be in peril if he sticks around in Las Vegas for much longer.  He has gone three straight games without a touchdown or 100 yards receiving from Weeks 4-6. This also occurred in Weeks 13-15 last season, his first with the Raiders. The last time that happened to him as a Green Bay Packer, his NFL home for his first eight seasons from 2014-2021, was Weeks 14-17 of the 2015 season, his second year as a pro."

Then there is Derrick Henry.

"The Buccaneers are feisty this year, but they're also one of the game's worst rushing teams, which is a problem when you lean so much on ball control and defense. The bulldozing Henry is on an expiring deal for a stumbling Titans franchise half-committed to a rebuild, and he might welcome a sunnier change of scenery before a return to the open market in 2024," CBS wrote.

Getting Derrick Henry for a third round pick is a steal, especially since the Bucs could then be in a position to offer him a contract extension. He instantly improves the run game and gives Tampa Bay the bug burly back they currently are missing.

Davante Adams Next Team                  

Bills                  4/1

Lions                5/1

Titans               5/1

Browns             6/1

Giants              6/1

49ers                7/1

Packers             7/1

Cowboys           9/1

Bengals            11/1


Kirk Cousins Next Team           

Patriots            3/1

Commanders    4/1

Titans               4/1

Steelers            5/1

Cardinals          7/1

Bears                8/1

Colts                 12/1

Jets                  12/1

Broncos            20/1


Derrick Henry Next Team                     

Buffalo Bills                  2/1

Kansas City Chiefs         3/1

Miami Dolphins             4/1

Dallas Cowboys             6/1

Pittsburgh Steelers        8/1

Baltimore Ravens          9/1

Minnesota Vikings         9/1

Cincinnati Bengals         10/1

Seattle Seahawks          12/1


Chase Young Next Team                      

Chicago Bears               2/1

Detroit Lions                 3/1

San Francisco 49ers       4/1

Philadelphia Eagles       6/1

Baltimore Ravens          8/1

New England Patriots    10/1

Pittsburgh Steelers        12/1

Seattle Seahawks          16/1

Jacksonville Jaguars       20/1

Miami Dolphins             20/1

Tennessee Titans          20/1


Jerry Jeudy Next Team             

Chiefs               4/1

49ers                5/1

Bills                  5/1

Colts                 6/1

Lions                6/1

Texans              7/1

Giants              8/1

Titans               8/1

Panthers           10/1


Which team will Belichick coach for in 2024? (If not Patriots)               

Commanders    2/1

Bears                3/1

Chargers           4/1

Raiders             6/1

Titans               7/1

Bucs                 9/1

Vikings             9/1


First QB Benched                     

Mac Jones                    3/2

Desmond Ridder           3/1

Joshua Dobbs                3/1

Bryce Young                  7/1

Sam Howell                  9/1

Baker Mayfield             12/1

Russell Wilson               12/1

Kenny Pickett                16/1

Jordan Love                  25/1

Zach Wilson                  33/1


First Coach Fired                      

Brandon Staley             2/1

Matt Eberflus                5/2

Ron Rivera                    5/1

Josh McDaniels             8/1

Mike Vrabel                  12/1

Kevin O'Connell            14/1

Bill Belichick                  20/1

Arthur Smith                 25/1

Brian Daboll                  33/1

Dennis Allen                 33/1

Sean Payton                  33/1

Kevin Stefanski             50/1

Todd Bowles                 50/1

- Tony Caliente,

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