Super Bowl Double Overtime Prop Bet - The Payout of the Century

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Tyrone Black
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Should this year's Super Bowl somehow go into double overtime, the payout would be - drum roll please - $10,000 on a $100 bet.


If you like playing the lottery, this one is for you.  Your chances are much better at winning.

Will it happen?  Probably not.

There has, after all, only been one Super Bowl to go into single overtime.

A lot of folks don't realize this prop bet even exists.

During the regular season, a game ends after overtime even if tied.  A Super Bowl will not end with a tie score.

If the score is still tied at the end of an overtime period — or if the second team's initial possession is still in progress — the teams will play another overtime period. Play will continue regardless of how many overtime periods are needed for a winner to be determined.

It really is quite surprising there haven't been more Super Bowls going into overtime.  Many of these games have been close, 14 in fact.

The last time this occurred was recent.  The New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons in overtime, 34-28, in Super Bowl LI. In blowing a 28-3 lead, the Falcons remained one of the NFL teams that have never won a Super Bowl.

For those who can't stomach the double overtime bet, the single overtime pays $750 on a $100 bet and better than 90% of tickets were on the YES prior to Saturday we are hearing.

- Tyrone Black,

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