Study Shows Twitterverse Prefers Trump Over DeSantis

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Gilbert Horowitz
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In a recent study aggregated from geotagged Twitter data via a trends software and an API, our friends at BetOnline reveal that former U.S. President Donald Trump Sr. has garnered the vast majority of support among potential Republican candidates.  The website, however, has Trump officially launching his campaign at -160 on the NO.


Over the last month, wagering website analyzed nearly 250,000 tweets with keyword hashtags containing potential GOP candidates such as #Trump2024, #DeSantis2024, #Cruz2024, #Haley2024, #Pence2024, etc.

Then, the totals were tallied for each state, and whichever candidate had the most tweets about them subsequently “won” that state.

Remarkably, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is not even favored in his home state, albeit Trump is a resident.


The state breakdown was as follows:

Trump: 42 states

DeSantis: 8 states

Trump is less than a quarter of a point favorite to receive the GOP nomination for President at +120 while DeSantis was coming in at +150 odds.

A recent New York Times/Siena College poll does suggest that the January 6 hearings on the attack of the nation's Capitol may be having a negative impact on Trump's approval rating.

Though Trump's approval is still well ahead of DeSantis among Republicans, the results show a clear majority of primary voters under 35 years old, 64 percent, and 65 percent of those with at least a college degree, would vote against Mr. Trump in a presidential primary.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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