USA vs. India ICC Men's T20 World Cup Betting Odds

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Team USA shocked the masses in their T20 World Cup opener with a victory against Pakistan as 7/1 underdogs!


Wednesday, the Americans take on the juggernauts of the tournament, India, and find themselves as even bigger underdogs.

At our shop, Team India is the favorite to walk away with the T20 crown when it's all said and done with better than 2/1 odds. The U.S. team is the equivalent of about a three-touchdown underdog in football on Wednesday.

United States    17/2     (+850)

India                 1/14     (-1400)

Team USA's odds to win the tourney were slashed from 250/1 to 65/1 following last week's upset victory.

Additionally, BetOnline has created a fun prop bet for which celebs will be attending the T20 World Cup Final in Barbados on June 23.

T20 World Cup cricket odds are subject to change and will be updated in real-time.


2024 ICC Men's T20 World Cup            

India                             2/1

Australia                       5/2

South Africa                  6/1

West Indies                  6/1

England                        9/1

Afghanistan                  16/1

New Zealand                 24/1

Pakistan                       25/1

Bangladesh                   45/1

U.S.A.                           65/1

Ireland                         200/1

Netherlands                  200/1

Sri Lanka                       200/1

Namibia                        250/1

Scotland                       250/1

Nepal                           250/1

Canada                         250/1

Oman                           500/1

Papua New Guinea        500/1

Uganda                         500/1


Who will attend the T20 World Cup Final?                   

Rihanna                        1/2

Piers Morgan                2/3

Mick Jagger                  3/1

Shah Rukh Khan                        3/1

Eric Clapton                  4/1

Sam Mendes                 4/1

Daniel Radcliffe             5/1

Hugh Jackman               5/1

Mark Wahlberg             5/1

Russell Crowe               6/1

Elton John                    8/1

Justin Bieber                 8/1

Simon Cowell                8/1

Eddie Murphy               12/1

Katy Perry                     12/1 


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