USA vs. Brazil: Correct Score Betting and Payouts

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USA vs. Brazil Payouts

USA vs. Brazil correct score betting and payouts were being offered by, one of the few North American-facing online bookmakers offering such a wide range of betting on the 2009 Confederations Cup final despite the U.S. appearance against Brazil.

Correct score betting is quite entertaining and offers the potential for a huge payday.  Obviously, any U.S. win will pay big and no less than $1000 on a $100 bet.

USA winning 3-0 or 3-1 pays out $6600 for every $100 bet.  We here at are loving those odds.

They beat Spain 2-0.  If that were to happen again, we would be looking at a $2800 payout on every $100 bet.

Alas, not all the Brazil winning correct score odds pay in low figures.  Actually, the minimum payout with a Brazil win would be $500 for every $100 bet should Brazil go 2-0.  $550 is paid should the final score be Brazil 1-0.

Oddsmakers at Sports Interaction believe that Brazil can destroy the U.S., or at least the possibility is there...though the odds are long.  These are actually the biggest payout possibilities.  Brazil winning 6-1 pays the best:  $8000 for every $100 bet.

Any correct pick will result in some much needed economic stimulus for the month of July. 

For the recreational gambler, a $10 bet pays $100 and up for most of these selections that appear below except for Brazil winning 1-0 or 2-0 and the draw options. 

10 percent is added to your initial deposit when you open an online betting account at here. Players across the globe are welcome to open an online betting account at Canada's first online bookmaker (in business since 1997). 

USA vs. Brazil correct score betting and payouts are all listed below:

+1000 means that $1000 is paid out for every $100 bet or $100 is paid out for every $10 bet.


USA 1-0 +1000

USA 2-0 +2800

USA 2-1 +1800    

USA 3-0 +6600                

USA 3-1 +6600

Draw 0-0 +800

Draw 1-1 +750

Draw 2-2 +2500

Brazil 1-0 +550

Brazil 2-0 +500

Brazil 2-1 +700

Brazil 3-0 +800

Brazil 3-1 +1000

Brazil 3-2 +2800

Brazil 4-0 +1600\

Brazil 4-1 +2000

Brazil 4-2 +5000

Brazil 5-0 +3300

Brazil 5-1 +4000

Brazil 6-0 +6600      

Brazil 6-1 +8000

Christopher Costigan, Publisher

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