UFC 94 Wins Mean Big Payouts to Gamblers: B.J. Penn KO’d

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Tyrone Black
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UFC 94

B.J. Penn may have been KO'd by his opponent, Georges St-Pierre, but at least one UFC 94 win translated into some lucrative coin for sports bettors, monies that can be put towards perhaps betting on Sunday's Super Bowl. 

It was Jon Jones win against Stephan Bonnar that translated into a $145 win for every $100 bet for gamblers at BetUS.com.  Bonnar was nearly a -200 favorite to win this one.  Jones was victorious by unanimous decision. 

Lyoto Machida defeated Thiago Silva via KO (punch) in Round 1 with just 4:59 minutes in.  He was a big -240 favorite, a lopsided affair compared to the other two marquee matchups of the night.

As for B.J. Penn, this was the most anticipated matchup of the evening and heart wrenching for the popular fighter.  Though an underdog, heavy betting action was still on Penn.

B.J. Penn was gutsy, but Georges St. Pierre was simply superior on Saturday in the UFC 94 main event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Joe Hall of Sherdog.com reported early Sunday morning.

Between rounds, Penn's corner called the fight.

"Last time I fought him, I won a decision," St. Pierre said. "This time I really wanted to take him out and I'm glad that I did. He's very tough."

MMAFrenzy.com called the final round of the Georges St.-Pierre/B.J. Penn fight:

Round 4 - St-Pierre quickly advances at Penn to start the fourth. GSP lands a jab followed by a pick. Another takedown for St-Pierre, who immediately passes to side control. GSP pins Penn to the canvas and unleashes elbows and punches. Penn struggling to survive as St-Pierre continues to pound away, though he's warned for hitting the back of the head. GSP nearly has mount but Penn gets back to side control where St-Pierre batters Penn with hammer fists. Glancing elbow to the side of Penn's head as GSP looks to mount but Penn gets half guard. St-Pierre back to side control where he continues the ground and pound assault. Penn tries to get GSP back into his guard but St-Pierre continues to pass and work ground and pound with a minute still remaining. Penn keeps moving but this one is close to being stopped as St-Pierre continues to batter Penn with ground and pound. MMAFrenzy.com scores the round 10-8 St-Pierre.

After consulting with the doctor and talking to Penn's corner referee Herb Dean has waved off the contest, awarding Georges St-Pierre the TKO victory.

On the undercard, John Howard's defeat of Chris Wilson via split decision was significant to some sports bettors who received a payout of $240 on every $100 bet with Howard as a pretty heavy dog.

Don't forget, there is still plenty of betting to be had on today's Super Bowl at BetUS.com - offering hundreds of prop bets and free bonus cash with your initial deposit.

Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com 

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