UFC 124 Odds: Best Bets

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Tyrone Black
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UFC 124 odds

When it comes to UFC 124 odds, there are some pretty steep prices involved with the marquee matchups.

Georges St. Pierre requires a $44 bet just to win $10 at BetDSI.com.  Some books require up to $60 down.  That initial wager is paid back plus the winnings should he win, but the risk is brutal. 

Likewise, Thiago Alves was at -300 for a $30 bet to win $10.

For those of you who believe Josh Koscheck can beat St. Pierre, the payout would certainly be sweet, $34 for every $10 bet or $340 for every $100 bet at BetDSI.com. 

Koscheck is talking like he will “own” St. Pierre.

“I believe that knockout (by Matt Serra) put the fear of God in him (St. Pierre),” Koscheck said.  “He’s afraid to get his chin tested and it hasn’t been tested since.

“I’m going to stop his takedowns, I’m going to keep this fight on our feet and I’m going to knock him out.”

Of all the UFC fighters, Koscheck indeed offers the promise of the best payout.

UFC 124 odds on a total of 6 bouts were under -200.  Another 4 had odds between -200 and -300.

Underdogs Sean Pierson, Joe Doerksen, Mac Danzig and John Howard would all pay between $20 and $30 on a $10 bet with wins. 

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- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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