UFC 101 Betting Could be Hot

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UFC 101 Betting

In speaking with bookmakers down in Costa Rica last week we learned that the UFC really doesn't attract enough volume to make any serious impact as far as betting goes.

"It just hasn't really caught on compared to some of the big boxing matches like when Manny Pacquiao is fighting," one bookmaker said.  Then he followed up with his:  "UFC 100 was actually pretty good though."

Indeed, UFC 100 attracted a rather sizable number of bettors compared to nearly all other previous UFC or Mixed Martial Arts events.

UFC 101 betting could have a similar impact.

Already we are seeing the numbers and they are good in terms of traffic here at Gambling911.com just days before the event.  Our UFC 101 betting coverage, though very limited so far, has attracted the most readership of any other sports event over the past few days.  Then again, there hasn't been a whole lot to cover in terms of sports betting.

UFC 100 resulted in all but two favorites winning.  In one sense, this may result in more people betting if they believe the "sure thing" is the favorite with most fights, especially the marquee events.

Then you have those looking for the big payout.

One big payout might be Kenny Florian vs. BJ Penn.  The folks at BetUS.com are calling this the "Upset Special".

"Florian has won 9 of his past 10 fights with the only loss coming to Sherk and the most impressive thing he has shown is his ability to string together moves and submission attempts," writes BetUS.com analyst, Nick Meyer. "His confidence in the Octagon is incredible and his underdog status lies at least partly with his stint on the Ultimate Fighter TV show. But Florian has proven time and time again to fans and the betting community that he is a force to be reckoned with and a truly elite fighter, and a strong reminder will come on Saturday as he will take BJ Penn's championship belt at UFC 101."

And the good part is that Florian pays nearly 2/1 odds or $18 for every $10 bet at BetUS.com.

Most of the action will probably still be on BJ Penn however.

Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor


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