Tiger Woods 2015 Masters Betting Steam: Not Favored But Still Sees Most Action

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Carrie Stroup
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Tiger Woods 2015 Masters Betting Steam: Not Favored But Still Sees Most Action

The amount of betting action on Tigers Woods to win the 2015 Masters at Sportsbook.ag has resulted in his odds being slashed more than half.

“No matter the situation with Tiger Woods, he continues to be the most heavily bet player in the field,” remarked Matt James of Sportsbook.ag. 

At the start of the week his Masters odds were 50-1 (his largest ever odds for a Major) as this factored in the possibility that he could miss the tournament altogether.

“We then took some wise guy bets late Monday evening and moved to 40-1 before news broke on Tuesday that Tiger had flown early to Augusta and played an 18 hole practice round - a solid enough indication to us that he would play the Masters.

“We cut his odds further to 25-1, and this was a position we were happy to take going in to the tournament knowing Tiger always attracts action. However the volume of bets since his announcement has even surprised us…we cut his odds further to 22-1 yesterday and again 20-1 this morning (Saturday).”

A Tiger win will cost Sportsbook dearly.  

“He is now the clear top bet player in the tournament and we are running with huge liabilities at those odds…it would be a minor disaster if he were to pick up his 15th Major here.

“However, he is clearly not 100% fit with big question marks in his game and its been 7 years since his last major win…it’s a position we are comfortable being in, but even further heavy action between now and Thursday could change our stance.”

Special betting options were being offered on Tiger Woods.  

Will Tiger Woods make the cut?

YES -110

NO -110

(73% of the action so far on the YES)

Tiger Woods - 1st Round Score of the 2015 Masters - Must Tee off for Action

70 or Less


71 to 72


73 to 74


75 to 77


78 or More


“In addition to these markets we currently offer many more (Top 10, Top American, Winning Nationality etc..) plus we’ll be opening up dozens more props and specials during the course of the week.”

- Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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