Super Bowl Totals Betting: Finding the Best Numbers

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There will be plenty of Super Bowl totals betting taking place Sunday, whether it's on the actual game, half times, scoring output, etc..  The key is to get the best numbers available.

"As of 1 pm EST Sunday afternoon, everyone of the online sportsbooks had the game total at 46 ½," observed Don Shapiro, sports columnist for the website.

Basically, it doesn't matter where you bet the game total, the number is the same just about everywhere.

But look beyond the game total. 

When it comes to Super Bowl totals betting, finding alternative lines can provide plenty of entertainment and maybe even a generous payout.

Check out these NFL team totals offered by

The prices are based on the odds.

First we see the Over 27 ½ paying near even odds for the Steelers (this is the amount of scoring Pittsburgh will do on its own).  The under is the favorite, however, with a line of -140.

You can find the Steelers OVER 20 ½ as well at but the price is steep.  You'll have to lay $285 (or $2.85) to win $100 ($1.00).  The initial bet is paid back only if the Steelers score over 20 ½.  If they should score UNDER 20 ½, the pay out would be $225 for every $100 bet though. 

The Arizona Cardinals scoring OVER 20 ½ pays nearly even odds as does the UNDER 20 ½.  Should they score OVER 27 ½, the payout would be $300 for every $100 bet.  UNDER 27 ½ is not even worthwhile as you'll not to wager $425 just to win $100.  Again, you get that initial $425 bet back ONLY if Arizona scores under 27 ½ points, which they probably will (but anything is possible).

While we are on the subject of Super Bowl totals betting, be sure to check out the scoring margin odds at as well.  These offer some excellent payout potentials.

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