Super Bowl Player Props: Players Offering Best Payout Odds

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C Costigan
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Willie Parker

When it comes to Super Bowl player props, the focus is almost always on the big star - and rightfully so.  But savvy sports bettors will pick and choose based on prices that are available.  Even the big star Super Bowl player props typically offer a decent price.  Both Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner pay around 2/1 odds if either is named 2009 Super Bowl MVP.  Roethlisberger pays as the favorite - $175 for every $100 bet.  Warner pays $250 for every $100 bet at Super Book.  This was one of the best prices we could find on Warner.

Get past those two and everyone else pays at least $450 for every $100 bet.  Willie Parker had those odds. 

When we consider the Super Bowl player props, it's important to study progress over the past season by a particular player. 

"Willie Parker rushed for more than 1,000 yards the previous three seasons and enjoyed a high of 1,494 in 2006, but that is not necessarily reflective of this past season," sports reporter, Don Shapiro, warns.  "He was inactive for five games earlier in the season because of knee and shoulder injuries and his progress was shaky at times."

"Injuries can frustrate anyone," Parker says. "I definitely battled it for my first time this season and it made me stronger. It made me better, actually. I worked harder to get back and get to where I'm at right now.  I'm definitely ready and we've been on the run lately running the ball."

Maybe, but a better bet might be on Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals who has amazed in recent weeks.

"There is one problem with picking Larry Fitzgerald," explains Shapiro.  "With the Steelers a -6 ½ favorite to win now, the Cardinals actually have to win for Fitzgerald to be named 2009 Super Bowl MVP.  The losing team won't have an MVP."

Hence the reason Fitzgerald had slightly better payout odds than Parker - $500 for every $100 bet at Super Book.

Troy Polamalu can be thrown into the batch if he has a breakout Super Bowl appearance.  Polamalu would pay out $700 for every $100 bet.

If you want to go out on a limb and try for that big time payout in hopes that some alien force takes over the game - try Karlos Dansby of the Arizona Cardinals paying $5000 for every $100 bet.  No offense to Dansby but his name hardly comes up when forecasting who might be named Super Bowl MVP.  Dansby is, after all, considered one of the NFL's top linebackers and what one news outlet classified as a "tackling machine".

One of the favorite Super Bowl player props and one that is usually determined pretty early is which player will score the first touchdown.  Unlike the Super Bowl MVP, which is likely to go to only a select few individuals with single digit odds, anyone can score the first touchdown.  In fact, the least likely of players is probably not going to be as well guarded. 

This concept is recognized in the odds.  You can choose any player - even those considered most likely to score the first touchdown - and still receive a lucrative payout.  Larry Fitzgerald pays the least amount but still pays nicely at $450 for every $100 bet at Super Book.  Beyond that point, payouts can range anywhere from $600 to $4000 (the field option) on every $100 bet.   Odds for each player can be found at Super Book.

For those with patience and the intention to stick around through the 4th quarter (even if the game has lopsided scoring), the last player to score a touchdown is among the best Super Bowl player props.  The payout odds are better, typically paying $600 and up.

Player with the first reception is yet another prop offered. Larry Fitzgerald is the favorite once again in that category paying $400 for every $100 bet.

Remember to get your bets in early.

Christopher Costigan, Publisher 

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