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One of the best things that comes out of a situation when heavily favored teams win close games is that their odds to win future championships tend to be made more enticing.  Case in point:  The Pittsburgh Steelers and San Diego Chargers.  Injury situations like what we saw with the Philadelphia Eagles also help give sports bettors an advantage when it comes to future betting, assuming said injury is expected to be temporary. 

Coming into last week's games, The Steelers were listed around +650 odds to win the 2010 Super Bowl.  This week, Pittsburgh had odds that would pay out $800 for every $600 bet at SBG GlobalThe Steelers have also been impacted by the injury bug.

"SBG added two points to last week's number of +600 or 6/1," points out Don Shapiro of Gambling911.com.

He warns though that the Steelers odds are bound to be slashed again by next week and we will see further erosion of their odds to win the Super Bowl.

"A strong recommendation for those who believe the Steelers will win the Super Bowl again this season is to lock this week's odds of +800 in now," advises Shapiro.  "They play an injured Chicago Bears team this week followed by a road game in Cincinnati, both of which they theoretically should win and this means we will see the number back around +600 if not lower."

Shapiro recommends holding off on betting the San Diego Chargers to win any championships for now.

"I gotta believe this is a solid team even though they looked anything but that during Week 1.  With Baltimore coming to town this week and the Chargers facing Pittsburgh during Week 4, we may see their odds decline, possibly into double digits depending on how they perform against the Ravens."

The Philadelphia Eagles, meanwhile, have seen their odds evaporate despite having one of the best performances of Week 1.  This is due to speculation surrounding quarterback Donovan McNabb's injury and when he will play next.

Shapiro says:  "If you like Philadelphia to win the 2010 Super Bowl like a lot of people do, then pounce on them this week and lock those +1000 odds found at Sportsbetting.com in right now!"

Shapiro believes this is one of the best values available.

"A $1000 payout potential on every $100 bet for a team that destroyed Carolina at home last week," Shapiro says.  "Philadelphia has two capable backup quarterbacks should McNabb be out for any length of time, which does not even appear to be the case right now. "

The Eagles host what looks like a very strong New Orleans Saints team so there is a chance that a loss could mean slightly longer odds next week, but a win will almost certainly have Philly's odds slashed further.  After New Orleans the Eagles face Kansas City, Tampa, Oakland and Washington (in that order), so don't expect the payout odds to get any better.

"I suspect, even with a loss to New Orleans, +1000 odds will be the best number we'll see in a long time, perhaps the rest of the season," says Shapiro.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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