Shane Mosley vs. Ricardo Mayorga Odds

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Shane Mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga

Want to bet on Shane Mosley vs. Ricardo Mayorga Saturday night? You could stand to make a bit of a fortune during these tough economic times. Why? Odds on Mayorga were set at +525 for a payout of $525 for every $100 bet at should he win in an upset.

Shane Mosley is the stand out favorite, but too big a favorite for most sports bettors tastes. At -820 odds, one would have to bet $820 just to win a whopping $100 (your $820 is refunded with the win).

For his upcoming bout with Shane Mosley, he's promised to knock Mosley out in three rounds, adding, "I'll be the man that night, and he'll be my woman."

Okay. had this to say about Mayorga's trash talk:

Mayorga can be boorish and tasteless, and his barbs are often delivered with the same recklessness as one of his off-balance haymakers. But what's fascinating about Mayorga is that even after an opponent has knocked him senseless, he's up and talking again as soon as his next fight is signed.

Jaw-jackers usually put a lid on it after sustaining a beating, but not Mayorga. No one would be surprised to hear him talk trash in his sleep. If you locked Mayorga in a basement overnight, by morning he would've talked the mice into submission.

It is for this reason, rather than his unorthodox boxing style, that Mayorga has become a favorite opponent for superstars on the downhill side of their careers.

For the record, there weren't a whole lot of bets on this fight coming into the early morning Saturday morning.


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