Seth Petruzelli Takes Down Kimbo Slice

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Kimbo Slice

For gamblers, Seth Petruzelli's shock win over Kimbo Slice Saturday night did not pay anything. And that's a shame since Slice would most certainly have been a huge favorite, leaving Petruzelli bettors with a sweet payout. Online sports book websites like SBG Global were not offering odds on Petruzelli and the loss by Slice would not count since he did not fight Shamrock.

Petruzelli filled in for the legendary former UFC fighter, Ken Shamrock, after he suffered a cut above his left eye during a light workout on Friday night. Officials were trying Saturday to get Shamrock cleared to fight, but the commission's doctor ruled against it just hours before the broadcast.

Kimbo Slice had been a -300 or better favorite coming into his originally scheduled Elite XC matchup with Shamrock.

Petruzelli scored almost immediately, landing a front kick on Slice and followed it up with another right hand that knocked Slice to the mat. Petruzelli then began blow after unanswered blow until referee Troy Waugh stopped the bout.

"This is what I wanted to do my whole life. This is what I do," The 11-4 Petruzelli said in the ring following the match.

Initially Slice's handlers asked for more money to fight the replacement.

Petruzelli is a relative unknown in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. He started training martial arts at the age of 6 and continued on training trough high school, where he also was a football player and wrestler. He went on to become the US Full contact Kumite karate champion, King of the Cage Superfight Champion, Cage Wars Superfight Champion, World Team Kumite Champion, 2002 US Open Absolute Grappling Champion.[citation needed]

He was a member of the cast of The Ultimate Fighter 2 as a heavyweight. He was eliminated in the semi-finals by Brad Imes.

It was unclear how the stunning Kimbo Slice defeat would impact CBS and its Elite XC, which has banked its product almost exclusively on Slice and his YouTube appeal.


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