San Diego Chargers Odds to Win 2009 Super Bowl

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Mary Montgomery
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San Diego Chargers

The San Diego Chargers were one of those teams that opened among the favorites to win the 2009 Super Bowl.  Their odds were listed at 7/1 and at many online sportsbooks the Chargers were the third most likely team to get there. 

It came down to the final week to determine if San Diego would even make it into the Playoffs.  Here was a team that only had 4 wins just a few weeks ago.  But an improbable run and the division leading Denver Broncos falling apart help the Chargers land in the post season.  They demolished Denver Sunday night.

"Make no mistake about it, the oddsmakers believe the Chargers are now among the more likely teams to win the Super Bowl," commented sports columnist Don Shapiro. 

Heading into Sunday night's game, the Chargers odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl were listed at +1000 for a $1000 win on every $100 bet at

"San Diego lost four of their games in the final seconds," explains Shapiro.  "They lost a game (against Denver earlier in the season) to what was later ruled bad officiating.  Their record is deceiving.  The Chargers could be 12-4."

As one of the early darlings of the oddsmakers, the Chargers futures certainly had decent action early on.  The bookies would hope San Diego does not win the Super Bowl.  Nearly half the early future bets were placed on either the Cowboys or Patriots, both eliminated as of Sunday.

San Diego beat Denver 52-21 Sunday night. 

"The Chargers are looking dangerous now," Shapiro warned.

Up next for San Diego, the Chargers face a Colts team they've played well against in recent years.  

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