Popular Bets, Most Bet on Sides Friday Overnight 3 November

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Here we have your most popular bet on matches and wagered on sides as of Friday November 3 (10:20 pm EST) Find live odds here


Notre Dame -14.5 91%

Virginia Tech +1 71% (now suddenly among the biggest exposures Saturday)

Eagles -8.5 86% (this had come down around 8 percentage points from yesterday but will likely be over 75% still by game time Sunday)

Oklahoma +1.5 70%

Rams -3.5 67%

Colts +6.5 75%

Memphis -13.5 86%

Barcelona 62%

*Notre Dame was leaving the books extremely exposed Saturday afternoon, seeing early 91% of the bets against Wake Forest.


Broncos vs. Eagles

Wake Forest vs. Notre Dame

Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

Rams vs. Giants

Penn State vs. Michigan State

Barcelona v Sevilla

Breeders Cup

Bucs vs. Saints

Chiefs vs. Cowboys

Clemson vs. NC State

South Carolina vs. UGA

Chelsea v Man United

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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