Poker Players Urge Republican GOP Website to Protect Their Rights

Written by:
C Costigan
Published on:
Online Poker

More than 100 poker players were urged to post comments on a Republican website where they urged the US political party to protect individual's rights to play poker online.

The Poker Players Alliance on Thursday urged more of its members to post on the GOP website as well. The organization claims over one million members.

"My point is simple," posted PPA member and 2004 WSOP champion Greg Raymer. "Is the Republican Party no longer the party of personal freedom and individual responsibility? Why has this party, that used to protect my rights, now become the party that wants to create a Nanny-state? Stay away from issues of personal liberty, except to remove old laws that restrict these liberties."

The Republican Platform Committee's website continues to be open for public comment on what should and should not be included in the 2008 GOP Platform. Poker players nationwide have posted their comments, unanimously urging the Republican Party to protect their rights to play poker online. There have been no calls by the public for including language banning the game.

To be fair, a number of Republicans have supported efforts to legalize online poker, most notably one time Presidential candidate and Texas Congressman, Ron Paul. Together with Democratic Massachusetts Congressman, Barney Frank, Paul helped draft legislation that would essentially repeal an online gambling prohibition act, the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act.


Christopher Costigan, Publisher