Pacman Odds Now +190 as Heavy Action Comes in on Underdog

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Don Shapiro
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Pacman Odds Now +190 as Heavy Action Comes in on Underdog

Manny Pacquiao – otherwise known as Pacman – has seen his odds cut from +260 to +190 during the early part of this afternoon following a surge of money on the Filipino fighter.

The payout would still be $190 on a $100 bet or $19 for every $10 bet.

60% to 65% of the action online has been going towards Pacquiao with the other 35% going towards the favorite Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Much of the heavy wagering volume is coming in from Asia.

In Pacquiao’s native Philippines, the underdog is getting almost all the action, which doesn’t make things easy for local sportsbooks like SoftecDigital, which operates out of the Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila.   

“The Philippines is the Pacquiao heartland and that makes it incredibly difficult for us, as bettors here are flooding the book with ‘emotional bets’ because they want to see their hero win,” Said SoftecDigital VP Esteban Robles in an interview with

It’s unique to the Philippines. "As most bettors make calculated bets using statistics, you would expect at least some to go for a fighter with a 45-0 record as opposed to one who has already been defeated," he said.

He added that around 92% of the bets that came in were for Pacquiao, with the farthest most locals seeming to go for is a draw which represents about 5% of the volume.

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