One for the Ages as Bookies Can’t Wait for Mayweather-McGregor II

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Even the fight itself was epic, but more so than anything else Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor became the most wagered on event for many books EVER.  Mayweather was victorious and so too were the books!!!

Heading into the August 26 “Fight of the Century”, Mayweather was the -500 favorite but McGregor was seeing most of the action at over 80 percent, with a handful of books taking nearly half a million in single bets on McGregor to win outright.  By Friday it was already confirmed to that Mayweather-McGregor had taken in more action in 2017 than all other events with the exception of Super Bowl 51, itself among the most bet on games in history.

By Saturday, the so-called “money fight” had eclipsed even Super Bowl 51.

“We’ve had Super Bowls, we’ve had Kentucky Derbys, nothing has come close to the traffic Mayweather-McGregor brought in,” notes Payton O’Brien of 

At times’s server nearly exploded but held up throughout as the site registered thousands of visitors per minute.

The epic fight comes just a week ahead of the much anticipated NFL and College Football season.

- Don Shapiro,

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