Odds to Win 2008 NFC East Still Offer Tremendous Value

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Mary Montgomery
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It's the tightest division and the toughest.  All four of the teams playing in the NFC East look to be Playoff bound and three of them could be heading there.  Odds to win the 2008 NFC East reflect this very solid division. 

New York Giants - At -190 odds, one would have to bet $190 to win $100 at Bookmaker.com.  All things considered, that is still a good bet.  They continue to be a dominating force in the league, ranking number two by Gambling911.com after the undefeated Tennessee Titans (and keep in mind New York has only lost one game this season).  The $190 bet is paid back in addition to the win assuming the Giants do take the division.

Philadelphia Eagles - They pay $310 for every $100 bet if they should happen to win the 2008 NFC East.  On a positive note, the Eagles head into Week 10 having won 3 straight.  That said, those opponents weren't exactly the best in the league, not withstanding a surprise Atlanta Falcons team.  Those wins and the knowledge that Dallas is floundering may muster up enough motivation to keep the streak going.  We shall see.

Washington Redskins - This team would pay $700 for every $100 bet at Bookmaker.com should they win the division.  That's possible.  The Redskins have looked superior at times this season.  They've also looked vulnerable at other times.  The later might have something to do with the fact that,  of Washington's remaining 51 players, an astounding 16 were on the injury list prior to Monday's game against Pittsburgh. Another, defensive tackle Anthony Montgomery, was hurt against the Steelers. That's one third of the roster.  And this is still a good team!

Dallas Cowboys - The darlings of oddsmakers and a favorite coming into this season even before Tom Brady of the New England Patriots got injured, Dallas finds itself in a serious slump and with odds of +1050 to win the 2008 NFC East.  Those odds might have value considering quarterback Tony Romo is due back very soon.  With a payout of $1050 for every $100 bet at Bookmaker.com, there isn't a whole much to lose if you are a gambler.  The Giants still have time to self-destruct.  Don't count on it though.

Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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