No. 2 Pick Movement and Map of Which States Think Which Player Will Be Picked First

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(BetOnline News Wire) - Tuesday it was Will Levis rising up the NFL Draft odds boards, and today (Wednesday) it is Tyree Wilson getting all the love from bettors.


Wilson, an edge rusher out of Texas Tech, has moved past Will Anderson Jr. in terms of odds for the first defensive player selected, and he's now the favorite to be taken No. 2 overall by (likely) the Houston Texans.

Two weeks ago, Wilson had odds as high as 20-1 to be the second pick in the draft.

In other notable draft props movement, DeAndre Hopkins has supplanted Austin Ekeler as the favorite for the first current NFL player to be traded during the draft.

Yesterday, Hopkins was tied for the fifth-highest odds at 7-1, and now he's even at 1-1. He desperately wants out of Arizona.

No. 2 Overall Pick                                            

Tyree Wilson                +140                 (7-5)

Will Levis                      +200                 (2-1)

Will Anderson Jr.           +400                 (4-1)

CJ Stroud                      +600                 (6-1)

Bryce Young                  +1200               (12-1)

Anthony Richardson      +4000               (40-1)

Jalen Carter                  +4000               (40-1)


First Defensive Player Selected                                    

Tyree Wilson                -200                 (1-2)

Will Anderson Jr.           +120                 (6-5)

Jalen Carter                  +1200               (12-1)

Devon Witherspoon      +3300               (33-1)

Christian Gonzalez        +5000               (50-1)

Myles Murphy              +12500             (125-1)


First NFL Player Traded                                    

DeAndre Hopkins          +100                 (1-1)

Austin Ekeler                +400                 (4-1)

Derrick Henry               +400                 (4-1)

Dalvin Cook                  +600                 (6-1)

Lamar Jackson              +600                 (6-1)

Clyde Edwards-Helaire  +700                 (7-1)

Josh Jacobs                   +900                 (9-1)


A semi-scientific Twitter study conducted over the last week shows that the U.S. is pretty split on which quarterback it thinks will be selected No. 1 overall in Thursday’s draft.

Our social squad pulled every tweet, hashtag and direct keyword phrase from Twitter during the last seven days. For example, tweets with "#NFLDraft," "Number 1 pick," "#FirstPick," "No. 1 overall pick," "first overall pick," etc., were used in the survey.


Those results were run through a geo-tracking program that showed which states each post came from. The player most associated with those keywords and phrases subsequently "won" that state.

In total, there were more than 130,000 tweets analyzed in the study.

The results were very tight, but in the end, the odds-on favorite, Bryce Young, came out ahead of both Will Levis and C.J. Stroud. Here’s the breakdown:


Bryce Young - 19 states (including Alabama)

Will Levis - 16 states (including Kentucky)

C.J. Stroud - 15 states (including Ohio)


Other potentials such as Anthony Richardson and Will Anderson did not win any states.

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