NHL Betting: Big Winners & Losers

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NHL Betting

As we move into the second half of the NHL season, let’s take a look at the teams that have fared well in the first half when it comes to betting on the sport.

Dallas sits in first place in the Pacific Division and third overall out West as we wrap up the All-Star break. The Stars have been the best in the league so far posting +10.2 units for the season. The teams following the Stars have also succeeded this season as Tampa Bay (+9.5 units) and Philadelphia (+8.2 units) are also in first place in their respective divisions.

Here are the other teams that round out the top 10.

Anaheim        +6.8      2nd in Pacific/T-4th in West

Nashville      +6.7      2nd in Central/T-4th in West

NY Rangers     +6.0      3rd in Atlantic/6th in East

Minnesota      +5.7      3rd in Northwest/T-10th in West

Pittsburgh     +4.3      2nd in Atlantic/4th in East

Vancouver      +3.4      1st in Northwest/1st in West

Montreal       +2.4      2nd in Northeast/7th in East

The only team that is not in position to reach the postseason out of this group is the Minnesota, who are tied with the Los Angeles Kings with 55 points in the Western Conference. This tells us the best teams in the NHL in the first half, usually provide positive results.

Judging by this, it’s easy to guess who the worst teams as far as units are in the NHL this season. Here they are starting with the worst.

New Jersey    -20.4      5th in Atlantic/Worst record in NHL

Ottawa        -17.0      5th in Northeast/13th in East

Edmonton      -13.0      5th in Northwest/Last in West

NY Islanders  -11.8      4th in Atlantic/14th in East

San Jose      -11.4      4th in Pacific/8th in West

It’s a real surprise that New Jersey would be last on this list since most expected them to challenge for at least a playoff spot, if not the Eastern Conference title. Their fall from grace has been sudden and has a lot to do with where they sit right now. Ottawa is another team that historically has done quite well. Just once over the last 14 years have the Senators failed to qualify for the postseason and this is the first time since 1996-97 that the Sens should finish with more losses than wins.

San Jose is the only team in the bottom five in units that would qualify for the postseason if the season ended right now. The Sharks are another franchise that have done well recently and have not missed the postseason since 2002-03. Last season, they finished 1st in the Western Conference and second to only the Capitals with 113 points. Most of the reason why they have done so poorly in units, is like the Devils, they were expected to be better than what they have been so far.

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