NFL Week 14 NFL Betting Action Report

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Carrie Stroup
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Carrie Stroup here with your NFL Week 14 NFL betting action report, which discusses what teams and games are getting the most public wagering action.

Easily the most bet on team of the day was the New York Giants. had nearly 65 percent of the action going New York's way but that was after dropping the line from -9 to -7.  That 65 percent number is probably a bit low when compared with other online sportsbooks, however. also has heavy action on Philadelphia winning outright on the money line so the best scenario here will be a Giants cover (not necessarily an Eagles win outright).

Green Bay, The New York Jets and New England were getting significant amounts of action though in no particular order as was Tennessee at some books.

The betting action on Green Bay and Tennessee, in particular, was especially lopsided at with 94 percent on the Titans and 86 percent on Green Bay.  The Jets had 92 percent of the action and New England 94 percent.

Pittsburgh and Baltimore were getting the edge.  The Steelers will likely receive significant action by day's end but this matchup will not be extremely lopsided, so the books shouldn't get killed with a Dallas win.

Carrie Stroup, Senior Reporter



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