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It's about that time of the year where everyone is chomping at the bit to get some action down on NFL picks. For those of us in that boat it's only a little more than a week when we get our chance with the NFL Picks Hall of Fame game next Sunday, August 9th.

Although you'll certainly here all about the pros and cons about betting the NFL Picks preseason, the fact remains, that if you can effectively pick your sports you can start off the season with a padded bankroll. So that we get off on the right foot this NFL picks football season let's take a look at some recent profitable team trends. I focus on this type of angle because coaches have tendencies during the "practice games" and therefore can present some great NFL picks opportunities. 

Week 1 - (Includes the Hall of Fame Game)


Buffalo - 6-0 ATS

Tampa Bay 5-0-1 ATS

New England 5-1 ATS

Philadelphia 0-5 ATS

Kansas City 1-4 ATS


Week Two


Philadelphia 10-0 ATS

NY Giants 4-0 ATS

Dallas 6-1 ATS

Kansas City 0-6 ATS

St. Louis 0-4 ATS


Week Three


Arizona 6-0 ATS

Indianapolis 6-1 ATS

New England 5-1 ATS

Pittsburgh 0-4 ATS

Cincinnati 1-7 ATS

Detroit 2-10 ATS


Week Four


Denver 9-0 ATS

Cincinnati 4-0 ATS

Tampa Bay 4-0 ATS

Houston 0-6 ATS

Washington 0-5 ATS

Arizona 0-4


When looking at the most recent team NFL picks performances certainly gives us some games to look at it's important to factor in any additions/losses that took place in the off season for those particular teams (including coaching changes). For example, in week 1 the Kansas City Chiefs should be looking to get out of the blocks in good fashion consider the addition of a new HC and QB.

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