NFL Divisional Odds Promise Huge Payouts

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Betting on the divisional odds early on may be met with some great success if you happened to choose some of those teams least likely to win their respective divisions.

In the NFC East we had Dallas as the easy favorite not only to win this tough division but also to win the 2009 Super Bowl. But alas, it is the New York Giants who, despite having won the Super Bowl last year, were not favorites to win their respective division. In fact, The Eagles had better odds. And the very big underdog Washington Redskins are also looking as if they can take this division.

The NFC North is being lead - not by the Vikings, not by the Packers - but by the +600 Chicago Bears.

And how about the AFC South? Say what?

Nobody expected the Tennessee Titans to be leading in this division. The Titans chances of winning the AFC South were set at +1300 for a potential $1300 payout on every $100 bet. They are currently undefeated and enjoy a nice cushion over both the Colts and Jaguars.

The NFC South could have gone either way just like in past years but Carolina does have the 4-1 lead. They were among the favorites (as were all other teams but Atlanta and the Falcons can actually win this thing).

Arizona is winning the AFC West over a Seattle team that is looking pretty washed up.

Buffalo winning the AFC East? Whoa! But yes, they are leading over regular AFC winners the New England Patriots and would pay $600 for every $100 bet.

Interestingly enough, Pittsburgh is a surprise to be leading the AFC North. Cleveland was actually the favorite here.

And Denver, not San Diego, is winning in the AFC West. still had division betting odds.


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