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Sports games have been becoming increasingly popular over the last few years. With the development of modern technology, sports video games gave the fans of sports the ability to play their favorite games by themselves using their computers, and they can even compete as one of their favorite teams. 

According to some studies, in 2019 alone, 69 percent of people living in the USA said that they consider themselves to be fans of sports, which is more than 171 million people. Most of these people say that they have been fans of sports since they remember.

Due to their passion, these people represent a very coveted audience and as of today, they have more opportunities than ever before. Over the years, the way people took part in sports has changed a lot. Once, the only way someone could enjoy sports was by using cable TV or going to the games directly. As of today, because of the development of the internet, they have the ability to actually stream their favorite games, go back to old games and enjoy sports whenever they want to. 

In addition, sports play a huge role in the development of video gaming. There are a number of great games that sports lovers enjoy a lot, one of the most popular ones being FIFA, which is updated very frequently to offer the best possible experience to sport-enthusiasts.


Having so many opportunities has changed sports fans a lot. Now they are more involved in the world of sports than ever before. Because of the current coronavirus crisis, since there are not so many real-life football games, many gambling platforms have used the situation to come up with new betting opportunities for gamblers. What they did was that they have created betting games on FIFA video game tournaments, which ended up being very popular among the users.

By doing so, top online casinos and betting companies are hoping to convert these people to more frequent users of betting on video game tournaments and as the situation, today shows, it is very much likely to happen so. 

Opportunity for many companies

One of the biggest advantages that FIFA is currently using is the regulatory unclarity of eSports in many countries. In some, they’re recognized as legitimate sports while others see it as a hobby. Because of this unclarity, many companies were able to avoid several laws in multiple countries.

The first country that comes to mind is Norway. You see, the country has a sort of monopoly on wagers on sports and any other forms of wagering. But this is only for recognized and “legitimate” sports recognized by the state. When it comes to video games or eSports though, there is absolutely nothing stopping local bookmakers or norske bookmakere as they’re called in the country.

Due to this advantage in regulation, digital sports is slowly but surely becoming a major part of the business world in key locations. Norway is just a drop in the ocean that eSports will soon become.

Digital future of sports

Today’s technology is giving sports fans a whole new opportunity, and the market is using this opportunity to draw fans closer with the help of innovation and experience that can not be compared to anything else. 

There is no question that technology has changed our lives a lot, and it is very much likely that every single field will continue to change in the coming years. The sports industry is one of those that is going through huge changes, with digital technology creating incredible opportunities for these people.

Many experts think that at some point, the world of sports will find its place in the digital world. As of today, the people who use video games about sports are mostly those who consider themselves being fans of the industry. However, this could potentially change in the future. We saw how many industries started going digital, and thanks to the technological advancements that this century is offering, sports could be the next big thing in the digital world. 

How is FIFA using new opportunities? 

Further advancement of technology will one way or another affect every single industry, including sports. FIFA is one of the top ones that will be affected the most. As of today, FIFA’s video games are very popular among sports fans around the world and this can mean a lot for the future success of the whole sports industry.

Over the last few years, sports fans all over the world have been playing FIFA’s video games very actively, and they represent one of the most popular games in the world, and not for the wrong reason. With great graphics and responsive gaming opportunities, FIFA is regarded to be one of the most played sports games around the world. 

Digital technology has changed everything about the way we live, it fundamentally transformed the way we interact with the world around us and this is only the beginning. The world of football was also very much impacted by digital technology, and because there are so many people who are waiting for further advancements in games like FIFA, the market will only continue to develop further in the coming years. 

FIFA video game series has been very popular for a long time now, and it is being released annually. The first version of the game was released in 1993, and every year, the developers behind it offer new and much more developed gaming opportunities to football lovers all around the world. Because of such popularity, many experts are saying that FIFA has a huge digital potential, which will be further developed in the coming years. 


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