Most Wagered on Sides - November 24: Notre Dame Heavy One-Sided Action

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Don Shapiro
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One can find significant betting action on the Michigan-Ohio State game with action mostly balanced.

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Indeed, this will be the most bet on game of the day Saturday.  Michigan was coming in as the -4.5 favorite.

Notre Dame was the most lopsided bet of the day.  Some books have been moving the line up from -11 to as high as -12 while sharper books have held at -11 or even dropped down from -11.5, as was the case with Westgate in Vegas. 

This isn't as convincing an opinion as the Washington Huskies last night but the books do appear to be leaning in favor of a USC cover.  The move towards -12 at some books has plenty to do with the exposure on Notre Dame, with some books reporting in excess of 90% action on the Irish.

Sagarin, we should note, indicates the line should be -12 for Notre Dame, so this is one thing to consider.  We wouldn't bet the farm on the Trojans.

In the NBA, Houston was seeing most of the action but the line had fallen from -11 to -10. 

Looking ahead to the NFL, Philadelphia was seeing around 70% of the early action against the Giants, New England was seeing around 85% of the early action against the Jets, the Chargers were seeing close to 70% of the early action against Arizona, and the Packers were seeing around 70% of the early action against the Vikings.

In the later game, Minnesota was a -3.5 favorite and the books were certainly reacting to the action here by bringing the number down from -4.5.

New England appears to be the side carrying the most exposure for Sunday's NFL.  The line was trending from -9 to -10, following along with the action.

In summary, USC seems to be the side books have the strongest opinion on for the weekend as of Saturday morning in terms of a cover, albeit not the most convincing.  They'll certainly have the most exposure on Notre Dame. 

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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