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From Lane Kiffin to Favre to the undefeateds in the NFL, BetUS.com is taking a look at the laughable losers and experts make Week 4 reactionary predictions.

With three weeks gone in the NFL regular season fans are speculating a number of scenarios. Everything from which coach will get fired first, to which QB will get benched, to who has the best chance to make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl is up for grabs around water-coolers across the country.

With the NFL cooking up on and off-field drama and fans looking for answers in regards to their favorite players and teams, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, BetUS.com has once again beaten everyone to the punch with week reactionary list of odds on the NFL.

"Obsession is the word that best describes fans' relationships with the NFL," stated BetUS.com spokesmen Reed Richards.

"That being the case our oddsmakers and analysts work around the clock to get the most up to date, accurate information to them before anyone else. With the site traffic we've been seeing each week, this is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down."

Analysts at BetUS.com posted the following NFL week three reactionary odds:

Most likely to meet in the super bowl?

Chargers vs Cowboys 10/1
Chargers vs Eagles 25/1
Colts vs Cowboys 15/1
Colts vs Eagles 30/1
Giants vs Broncos 50/1
Pats vs Giants 50/1

Teams to remain winless the longest

Cleveland Browns 7/1
Cincinnati Bengals 12/1
Houston Texans 5/1
Kansas City Chiefs 1/3
Detroit Lions 1/1
St Louis Rams 2/1

Which team will go winless all season?

Browns 50/1
Bengals 100/1
Texans 20/1
Chiefs 10/1
Lions 15/1
Rams 15/1

Most likely to go undefeated:

Giants 1/40
Bills 1/75
Broncos 1/25
Titans 1/100
Cowboys 1/15

Buffalo Bills First Loss will come against

St Louis 3/1
Arizona 2/1
San Diego 3/2
Miami 6/1
New York Jets 8/1
New England 10/1
Cleveland 20/1
Kansas City 35/1
San Francisco 40/1
Denver 50/1
Remain Undefeated 100/1

Tennessee Titans First Loss will come against

Minnesota 3/2
Baltimore 1/1
Kansas City 7/1
Indianapolis 7/1
Green Bay 10/1
Chicago 20/1
Jacksonville 30/1
New York Jets 45/1
Detroit 50/1
Cleveland 75/1
Houston 100/1
Pittsburgh 125/1
Remain Undefeated 150/1

Denver Broncos First loss will come against

Kansas City 7/2
Tampa Bay 2/1
Jacksonville 3/2
New England 4/1
Miami 9/1
Cleveland 15/1
Atlanta 25/1
Oakland 40/1
New York Jets 50/1
Carolina 75/1
Buffalo 100/1
San Diego 125/1
Remain Undefeated 150/1

Dallas Cowboys First Loss will come against

Washington 9/2
Cincinnati 4/1
Arizona 5/2
St Louis 2/1
Tampa Bay 5/1
New York Giants 10/1
San Francisco 20/1
Seattle 25/1
Pittsburgh 25/1
Baltimore 40/1
Philadelphia 75/1
Remain Undefeated 100/1

New York Giants First Loss will come against

Seattle 4/1
Cleveland 7/2
San Francisco 5/2
Pittsburgh 2/1
Dallas 5/1
Philadelphia 10/1
Baltimore 20/1
Arizona 30/1
Washington 50/1
Carolina 75/1
Minnesota 100/1
Remain Undefeated 150/1

Who will replace Lane Kiffin if and when he is fired?

Art Shell 4/1
Willie Brown 3/1
John DeFilippo 5/1
James Lofton 10/1

Brett Favre to quit before the season is done

Brett Favre to quit before week 9?
After week 9?

Ricky Williams to Rush for 750 yards on the season

Over 1/1
Under 6/5

Ricky Williams scored Tds

Over 7/5
Under 1/1

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