Mine That Bird Payout: 200 Plus Winning Bets for Kentucky Derby

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C Costigan
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Mine That Bird

As Gambling911.com previously reported, Sportsinteraction.com had offered 2009 Kentucky Derby winner, Mine That Bird, at significantly higher odds than that of Churchill Downs.  In fact, at one point, the popular online gambling site offered odds as long as 100 to 1.

Some 200 plus customers actually placed bets on Mine That Bird.

"We did well on the Derby as did all books when an outsider wins," a spokesperson for Sports Interaction told Gambling911.com Friday.  "We were at 100/1 odds on Mine That Bird, and saw a small stream of action on the horse at this price - small bets, that kept our liability in line with the favourites.   

"We dropped it to 66/1 when he was at 50/1 everywhere else and again held a modest betting stream.  When ‘I want Revenge' withdrew from the race this changed the prices on the field considerably.  Still, we held ‘Mine That Bird' at 50/1 - and recognising value on the outsiders when the 3/1 favourite withdrew the action started to increase on ‘Mine That Bird' and other outsiders like ‘Join in the Dance' and ‘Summer Bird'.

"Eventually the action on Mine That Bird slimmed the price to 36/1.  Still an outsider.  We paid out 200 or so winning bets on the horse, but none really significant.  Most bets were for between 1 and 10 dollars - fattening the accounts of 200 or so of our customers by a modest amount."

With the Preakness Stakes coming up Saturday May 16, 2009, all eyes will once again be on Mine That Bird. Sportsinteraction.com was scheduled to release odds on Mine That Bird winning the 2009 Preakness Stakes as soon as post positions are announced Wednesday.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher        

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