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Fight fans, are you ready to get it on? We have all waited for this and the time is now. Have you seen the latest odds? Americas Bookie has it at Mayweather-685/McGregor +435, total 8 1/2 -145!

Think what you will of this fight and love or hate Mayweather; Saturday is the day. The question is, are you ready?

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There are many arguments both ways in this one. There has been a lot of focus on Mayweather’s age, can he hang with McGregor? Get real. Quite possibly, this is the most stupid questions in the entire debate.

All fight fans know that Mayweather is a patient fighter. He picks his battles and knows when to pick them. He never hurry’s when there is no need, and he excels with precision footwork. Not to mention that he can still pack a punch. Sure, it’s been a while since he last fought but get over that right now. It’s been a while since Mike Tyson fought, how do you think he would do against McGregor?

McGregor is a very bad dude in his own right but as we all know, he has never thrown one punch in a professional boxing match, under boxing rules. McGregor kills people and he kills them fast. He is quick on his feet and his upper body strength is impressive. Unlike Mayweather, McGregor attacks and attacks often. This may work to his advantage early, if it goes late rounds, it hurts him. Can he hang for an entire fight against the likes of Mayweather?

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He probably has no shot at going the distance. Let’s face the facts; in the octagon, he has never had to go the distance. His fights are quick, fierce, and over very quickly. He beats people up very quickly and manages his fights superbly. Will it work against Mayweather? Maybe, but probably not. Mayweather has fought a lot of good fighters and never lost.

Mayweather pics his spots slowly, minute by minute and he wears his opponents down. Take a look at Mayweather, he is in the best shape of his life. He is not too old to hang with anybody and he will more than hang with McGregor.

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For McGregor, this is the fight of his life. He better show, up and he had better show up in a large way or his credibility is over, shot, done with. Most fight fans believe that this matchup is simply about the money, and for sure there is an un-godly amount of money at stake.

Who knows what this fight is really about but one thing is for sure; it’s on. Have you placed your bet? If not, get it in now. You will not see better numbers. This fight opened at -2500 in favor of Mayweather. Now there is value in this thing at -685. There is real value in the total at under 8 ½. Do you honestly think that McGregor can hang with Mayweather for 8 ½ rounds? This guy has never thrown one professional punch, ever in his life and Vegas is asking him to go 8 ½!

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Enjoy the fight and good luck.

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