Lebron Breaks NBA's All-Time Scoring Record Odds Include Who He Thanks First, Assist Maker, More

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LeBron James is expected to break the NBA's all-time scoring record Tuesday night (February 7, 2023) at home versus the Thunder or Thursday against Milwaukee.


We’ve released a host of Super Bowl-esque prop bets surrounding the momentous time in league history.

Who will LeBron thank first? Will Kareem and LeBron give each other acknowledgement? What quarter will the record be broken, and who will make the assist to go down in NBA lore?

Who will LeBron James thank after breaking record?               

God                              +100

Mom                            +250

Wife                             +350

Dad                              +600

Coach(es)                     +800

Team mates                  +800

Any Other Person          +1400

Children                       +1400


Will LeBron James mention Kareem in postgame interview?                

Yes                   -700

No                    +400


Will Kareem Abdul-Jabbar congratulate James after breaking record?              

Yes                   -700

No                    +400


Who will make assist on record-breaking basket?

Dennis Schroder           +275

Patrick Beverly              +350

Russell Westbrook        +375

Anthony Davis              +400

Rui Hachimura              +475

Any other player           +700

Lonnie Walker IV           +1400

Thomas Bryan               +1400

Troy Brown Jr.               +1400


Which quarter will LeBron James break scoring record?           

1st Quarter                   +125

4th Quarter                  +200

2nd Quarter                  +400

3rd Quarter                  +450


How will LeBron James break the all-time scoring record?                    

2-point Shot                  -170

3-point Shot                  +275

Free Throw                   +340


Will the record-breaking point be assisted?                  

Yes                   -130

No                    -110


How long will game be paused after LeBron James breaks record? (Time start from stoppage after bucket to next play)

Over/Under 4.5 minutes

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