Lawrence Prezman Spreads Deadly Disease… To Sportsbooks

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Don Shapiro
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Lawrence Prezman

Betting the NFL this weekend? Look no further than and friend Lawrence "The Prez" Prezman, who has been in hiding as of late.

But the NFL has awaken this sleeping giant Andy Garcia lookalike as he goes on a 25-13 NFL side run and his Monday Night Football nine star play (we didn't know they went this high).

His early college football release was to be published at as well.

The Prez absolutely demolished the books last NFL season with his 60 percent winning campaign, according to Covers.

"In the last full decade of professional sports betting and handicapping, I had nine winning NBA seasons, nine profitable NFL seasons, eight winning CFB seasons and nine NHL seasons that cashed," Prezman bragged.

"I have put down a 71 percent Major League Baseball season and since 2000, my NFL record is a hair under 56 percent. I finished in the Top 5 at the Hilton Contest in 2004. I gave out three NFL picks a week on National TV for two years in Canada (2004-05) and hit 60 percent doing so. I was the No. 1 NFL expert in profit for 2007/08 at The Sports Monitor and achieved a 100-68 NFL 2007/08 record. I do not enter contests or get monitored by many places anymore, as my record is publicly available and I concentrate more on handicapping than winning contests."

But Prezman is sometimes brought down to earth with a loss here and there.

"Every single game that I called wrong stands out to me as a bad loss and demonstrates how human we all are and how small the difference is between winning and losing. The games that I had bad beats on don't bother me at all, as so long as I am on the right side of a game and the wrong side of luck shows its head, I will keep winning long term for my customers."

Prez is married to a beautiful wife and has three small children, all of whom are better behaved than he is.

We salute The Prez and his performance at one of our favorite websites -


Don Shapiro, Senior Editor

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