Kentucky Derby Lines: Online Gambling Sites Beat Churchill Downs

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C Costigan
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With the official Kentucky Derby lines released Saturday morning, some online gambling websites have managed to beat Churchill Downs. has provided a breakdown of each horse and the best line available in order of post position.

West Side Bernie - SBG Global offered a line comparable to that of Churchill Downs with a payout potential of $3000 for every $100 bet.  Note that most online gambling sites were offering less enticing odds as of Saturday morning.

Musket Man - He would pay 20/1 odds at Churchill Downs compared to 25/1 at Canada's first online gambling website, Sports Interaction.

Mr. Hot Stuff - Paid slightly better odds at Sports Interaction:  $3300 for every $100 bet compared to $3000 for every $100 bet at Churchill Downs.

Advise - Would pay $3300 at SIA.  He had 30/1 odds at Churchill.

Hold Me Back - Pays 20/1 odds at Sports Interaction compared to 15/1 at Churchill Downs.

Friesan Fire - The official line was 5/1 and most online gambling websites offered this number or less attractive odds but SBG Global continued to dangle the carrot with 6/1 (+600) odds. 

Papa Clem - 20/1 odds at Churchill Downs and this line was comparable to that of the online books.

Mine That Bird - 50/1 odds at Churchill Downs but the payout at Sports Interaction would be a whopping $8000 for every $100 bet.

Join In The Dance - Once again we were looking at 80/1 odds at Sports Interaction compared to the official 50/1 line.

Regal Ransom - 30/1 odds at Churchill.  SBG Global matched those.

Chocolate Candy - 20/1 was the Churchill line.  SBG Global matched it.

General Quarters - The online gambling sites tended to match the 20/1 line put out by Churchill Downs Saturday morning with this thoroughbred. 

I Want Revenge - Most of the online gambling sites were offering less enticing odds on this favorite than the Churchill Downs official line but SBG Global was one of the few matching the 3/1 number.

Atomic Rain - Would pay out $6600 for every $100 bet at Sports Interaction compared to $5000 at Churchill.

Dunkirk - The 4/1 Kentucky Derby line was found at most online gambling sites, if they weren't offering less appealing lines.  But once again an Internet sportsbook beat the official odds with Sports Interaction coming in at 5/1.

Pioneer of the Nile - Would pay 4/1 at Churchill and $550 for every $100 bet at

Summer Bird - Pays 50/1 odds at Churchill and SIA matches that number.

Nowhere to Hide - Pays $6600 for every $100 bet at Sports Interaction compared to 50/1 odds at Churchill Downs.

Desert Party - His 15/1 line at Churchill Downs is topped by Sports Interaction, which comes in at 16/1.

Flying Private - Pays 50/1 odds.

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