Jason Akermanis: Gay Aussie Footballers Will Get 150k to Come Out

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Sparky Collins
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Jason Akermanis

Aussie footballer Jason Akermanis has been urging fellow gay players to remain in the closet as their sexual preference may have an adverse effect on fellow players.  But what if they are being offered $150,000 to come out?

That's exactly when Akermanis is claiming two fellow footballers have been offered to come out of the closet.

The claim has Eddie McGuire, chief of the Australian Football League's Collingwood Football Club, on the defensive. While McGuire says he'd love for athletes to come out, doing so just for "marketing" or media attention would be the wrong reasons.

According to the Australian, the Brownlow medalist Akermanis, who left Brisbane in acrimony in part because of angst caused by his outspokenness, found little support for the view he penned in his weekly Herald Sun column, though he did point out that he hoped the time came when there was no issue with a player's sexuality.

The fascination over gay footballers is well supported by the fact that an article published on the Gambling911.com website questioning who the gay Premiership footballers might be has been among the most popular articles ever published on the website.

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