How Do You Bet Golf Tournaments Online?

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With the advent of Daily Fantasy Sports, major golf tournament contests have become increasingly more popular and this has, in turn, helped to fuel a greater interest among those looking to take things to the next level and place an actual bet on golf tournaments such as the PGA and European Tour events.  

Unlike your typical DraftKings fantasy sports golf contest where the top prize goes to a single player out of a few hundred thousand entrants, there is no limit to the number of people who can win big betting on golf just as long as you select the winning golfer.

This year’s Masters was won by Sergio Garcia.

At the start of the tournament, Garcia was listed at 33-1 odds ($330 for every $10 bet or $3300 for every $100 bet).  The final day when he was about to close in on his first ever Masters victory, Garcia would still have paid out 4-1 odds ($40 for every $10 bet or $400 for every $100 bet).

It is sometimes a good strategy to wait until the morning of the final round to place a bet on who will win the tournament.  You will be paid based on the odds you get at the time of your wager.  Waiting means a smaller payout but a better chance of winning your bet whereas placing money on a golfer early on in the tournament will usually result in a much higher payout but with a highly saturated field. 

Research helps to some degree in determining which players have excelled at certain courses or types of courses though more often than not it’s more about gut instinct and avoiding those competitors who appear to be at a disadvantage.

In addition to futures, there are also golf matchups betting that pit individuals against one another at lines typically ranging between -100 and -200.  We here at find this type of golf wagering a bit boring, albeit your chances of winning might increase at nominal payout odds.

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