French Open Betting Odds – Roger Federer Could Pay 4/3

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Roger Federer on Tuesday alluded to the fact that some of the US facing online gambling sites were offering Roger Federer with odds that would require a slight risk verses the reward (i.e. bet US$130 to win US$100). Wednesday morning featured French Open betting odds on Federer at 4/3 for a payout of US$133 on every US$100 bet

"That's a steal!" insists Allistair Prescott of  "When you consider that there are only six men left standing and Roger Federer has been the second favourite all along prior to Rafael Nadal's ouster, it is pretty significant that Federer still pays decent money."

Federer was due to take on Gael Monfils, who was looking to become the first Frenchman to reach the final at Roland Garros since Henri Leconte in 1988.

"The good news is that Garros has a price of 12/1," says Prescott.  "The bad news is he's a local favorite who will have plenty of fan support versus Federer."

Monfils is "the best athlete we have seen play this game before as far as just from a pure athletic standpoint. He covers so much ground," tennis player, Andy Roddick said on Monday.

"I think I'm ready. I hope I'm ready. I have to take my revenge. I hope I can make it," said Monfils, who habitually treats the crowd to stuntman style diving.

"I'm French. We're in France. The French crowd is with me, but they love Federer. I hope they'll support me more because I'm French. I hope they support me."


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