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Oklahoma -16.5 vs. Missouri is the line and this is Tony George with your free college football pick.

It boils down to Oklahoma who was given the nod by the BCS point system to represent the South division of the Big 12 after walking through both Okie State and pounding Texas Tech into the ground.  OU is playing as good of football as any team in the USA right now, and I agree with the call for them to represent the South. 

Mizzou on the other hand was dealt back to back fatal blows early on this season with a home loss to Okie State following by a good Ol fashion woodshed beating from Texas and they have not been the same since.  Take into account other than Arkansas and Kansas LAST YEAR Mizzou has no quality wins over a ranked opponent with this highly touted team, and they are off a devastating loss week to Kansas, who threw it all over them at will at Arrowhead stadium.  I do respect the MU program, but without a defense, you cannot win big games, just watch last weeks game film. 

Missouri biggest issue here in terms of competing is 2 fold.  QB Daniel has proven to be less than effective with the pressure on him, and OU can get to the passer.  The major issue for Mizzou is no pass rush, and when you give OU quarterback Sam Bradford all day to throw and then pound RB Murray at a weak front four, it makes it a total mis-match up front, and with the skill players and excellent coaching OU has, I sniff a blowout.  Many think that Mizzou with nothing to lose here will play wide open and compete in their backyard, I beg to differ.  Oklahoma beat them twice last year both in convincing fashion.  I see a better OU team this year than last year with a national title on the line while Mizzou simply cannot trade punches on offense to match what OU will put up. 

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