Favorites to Win the Super Bowl: Experts Make Their Picks

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Mary Montgomery
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Gambling911.com is counting down the hours as we inch closer and closer to the big game and our experts from the online sportsbooks have their favorites to win the 2009 Super Bowl. 

Picks from BetUS.com - offering massive cash bonuses and hundreds of betting props.  D.S. Williams says:

"That sound you hear coming through your computer screen? That's me running, not jogging, running to the BetUS online sportsbook betting window to throw a bunch of money down on the Pittsburgh Steelers!

"The ½ point swing that just occurred this morning, the Steelers were at -7 just yesterday, makes me giddy. It's a huge ½ point in this game. I just don't see how the Cardinals don't lose by at least a touchdown in this game.

Defenses win Super Bowls. The Pittsburgh Steelers have that.

Furthermore, the Cardinals meltdown in the second half of the NFC Championship game, they gave up 19 straight points to the Philadelphia Eagles, tells me that Big Ben and the Steelers' offense could rack up tons of points.

"The Steelers have been impressive all season long while the Cardinals got hot in the playoffs. Arizona has had two weeks to ponder how good the Steelers are while Pittsburgh knows they are good. I'm going with the confident, experienced, better team in this game. That's Pittsburgh and the Steelers can be bet at BetUS.com."

Favorites to win the Super Bowl on the quarters front (and we're not talking about the coin toss here) from Sportsinteraction.com betting analyst Frank Doyle:

"The second quarter is the favorite - how many times have teams suffered second quarter blowouts in the Super Bowl?," asks Frank Doyle of Sports Interaction, who writes for the Gambling911.com website. "But I'm going to go with the fourth quarter. Fourth quarter - not counting any potential overtime - to be the highest scoring quarter at +250 with Sports Interaction is the pick.  This one would pay out $250 for every $100 bet."

Additionally, Doyle likes the alternate 2009 Super Bowl lines that are out there.

"As well as the straightforward game events, we also have some special markets that we're very pleased with. The line on the game is Pittsburgh -7 and the total is 46.5, but Sports Interaction has posted a number of alternative lines and totals to add variety. This is a variation on the high reward winning margin bet but without that bet's inherent danger of going through the ceiling. Sports Interaction has Pittsburgh at -1.5, -4.5, -9.5, -10.5 and -13.5, with the vig suitably adjusted for each. Pittsburgh -13.5 at +170 is my pick here."

Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com


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