Denver Broncos 2008 Odds - Broncos Odds to Win 2009 Super Bowl

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Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos odds of winning the 2009 Super Bowl are about the same as the Cleveland Browns, who are nearly the favorites to win the AFC North division. Denver would pay $4000 for every $100 bet at SuperBook.com.

Speaking of divisional odds, the Denver Broncos odds to win the 2008 AFC West have been set at +400 for the potential to win $400 on every $100 bet. San Diego is the runaway favorite in this division with -500 odds.

Here is something to ponder: The Denver Broncos are a huge favorite to win OVER 7 ½ 2008 regular season games - listed with -180 odds. If they were to go under that number, the payout would be $150 for every $100 bet. The odds makers are probably thinking more along the lines of 9 to 10 regular season wins, which would place them on target of winning this division, assuming San Diego doesn't live up to expectations, and this is not necessarily a large assumption.

Bruce Ciskie of the AOL Fanhouse:

If Cutler keeps developing, the running game is sound, and they don't miss Marshall a ton, Denver could make some noise this year. Outside of obvious favorite San Diego, the AFC West is wide-open, and a good performance against Kansas City and Oakland should provide Denver with half of what they'll need for a .500 season.

The rest is up to the defense. The tools are in place for a turn-around, but Slowik's scheme was oft-burned in Green Bay, and there's no guarantee it'll be any good this time. It appears Cutler may have to wait one more year for that elusive winning season.

Here were your odds to win the 2008 AFC West courtesy of SuperBook.com

Denver Broncos +400

Kansas City Chiefs +1800

Oakland Raiders +800

San Diego Chargers -500

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